Avoiding Lines When You Travel



As spring approaches, more and more people will be traveling, especially during Spring Break. Heading out to a theme park or visiting a top attraction or historical site? Unfortunately, many others may have the same idea so you may find yourself standing in a lot of long lines. No one wants to spend their vacation wasting time in lines- vacations are supposed to be fun, interesting, and exciting! So, what is the solution? Here are just a few strategies I have used that can get you out of line and on to your activities sooner. Find the right strategy for you and maximize your time while traveling.
1. Be Up with The Sun
Although we think of sleeping a little later when we vacation, heading out early is one of the best strategies for beating the crowds. Not only will you really get to see and feel the places of your dreams, your photo opportunities will be great also!
2. Stay Up at Night
Iconic sites are even more spectacular when viewed at night. Think of Las Vegas and its millions of neon lights or the Eiffel Tower sparkling in white lights. You will find that many times sites are more accessible and have fewer crowds at night. And if you’re traveling in the heat, temperatures will be much more comfortable.
3. Pass By with the Right Pass
In many destinations, city attraction passes are available. These passes get you in multiple attractions and can save a lot of money. Be sure to do your research. You don’t want to purchase a pass that excludes the sights that interest you.
4. Get Your Tickets in Advance
Purchase advance tickets to attractions that offer a scheduled time to enter. If your ticket has an entry time, you will get to skip the line of people who didn’t come prepared.
5. Beat the Bus Groups
If attractions don’t offer advance purchase tickets or if tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis, get to the attraction before it opens and be one of the first in line.


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