Boardwalk and AquaTheater on Oasis of the Sea

You’ve never seen an area of a cruise ship like the Boardwalk! This is where you go to ride the first ever carousel at sea.  This beautiful handcrafted work of art will fill you with nostalgia.  The B0ardwalk is filled with plenty of other activities.  Don’t miss the AquaTheater Shows.  You will be amazed by the divers and synchronized swimmers.  We were even entertained by a vintage swimsuit show while we were on-board.  Don’t worry about getting hungry while you’re playing on Boardwalk.  You can have a burger at Johnny Rockets or a great seafood meal at the Seafood Shack.  Finish with dessert from the ice cream or doughnut shops.  This is the place where your kids will want to shop.  They can find any kind of sweet treat at Candy Beach shop or t-shirts, build a bear, and other items from the rest of the Boardwalk shops.  If you’re the adventurous type, try the rock climbing wall that looks like it juts out over the ocean.  If not, just sit on the benches and people watch.  You will be amazed at how the “kid” comes out in everyone.  Boardwalk will keep everyone of all ages entertained!


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