More from Oasis of the Seas

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the Neighborhood concept on Oasis of the Seas is quite unique.  Today I want to tell you all about the Royal Promenade neighborhood, which is the heart of the ship. This area is about the length of a football field and about twice the width of any other promenade deck at sea.  It serves as the main embarkation point for all passengers coming aboard.  One of the most exciting features in this area of the ship is the Rising Tide Bar.  This levitating bar travels slowly between 3 of the ship’s decks while you are enjoying your favorite cocktail.  The Royal Promenade is also the place for shopping.  Most of the ship’s duty free shops are located here, along with carts featuring special sales throughout the cruise.  You will find everything- fine jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, clothing, logo items, alcohol and more.  This neighborhood is definitely the place for people watching!  Because the area contains nine restaurants and bars, it can get quite busy.  Early in the day, you will find this to be a peaceful, relaxing area; however the mood definitely changes and becomes more energetic in the afternoon and evening.  There is something here for everyone- parades, special entertainment, DreamWorks characters, and thriving nightlife.  One very special feature of the Promenade is a giant copper globe built into the facade over the Globe and Atlas Pub.  During a show, the globe can open and roll out into a platform where the entertainer can perform high above the crowd.  It makes a great view for everyone.  If you find it fun to watch and observe people, you may want to try one of the interior cabins that overlook the promenade deck.  Coming next- a look into the Boardwalk.


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