Vancouver Cruise Terminal

Canada Place, the cruise terminal in Vancouver makes boarding a cruise ship convenient and easy. It is easily recognizable with its white sail design and is located downtown near great hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas. Located next door you will find the Convention Centre and the entire area is a hub of activity. Even if you are not cruising, you will enjoy a visit to this popular landmark. You can walk along the pier viewing the ocean and mountains, and watch the ships set sail for Alaska. The Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel is also located here. If you don’t mind the splurge, the location of this luxury hotel can’t be beat. It overlooks the ocean and the cruise terminal and boarding your ship is only a few steps away. If an Alaska cruise is in your future, the Port of Vancouver is an excellent choice.  If you have never been to the city of Vancouver, BC, it should be on your list of destinations. Because of all the additions and renovations completed by the city in order to host the Winter Olympics, it is more beautiful than ever. When you visit, take your raincoat and umbrella because you can count on rain almost every day. Even so, the beautiful waterfront views, the snow-topped mountains, the green forests, and the city’s interesting buildings make Vancouver a great place to visit. There are many things to do, but I found two attractions to be at the top of my list. First, a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, located in Stanley Park, is a must. This fascinating aquarium is highly acclaimed and is one of the five largest in America. Second, a trip to the top of Grouse Mountain will provide breathtaking views of the city. You will take a ride to the top on a 100 passenger tram. While at the top, you can watch grizzly bears that are maintained in a natural habitat and take in the lumberjack show. In the waterfront area, you will find your choice of great hotels and restaurants. You will also stroll through the Gastown Historical neighborhood with cobblestone streets and quaint shops. Most impressive of all is Canada Place, which houses the enormous cruise terminal and convention and exhibition center. A trip to Vancouver is a memorable vacation! And speaking of cruise terminals, Vancouver is THE departure port for Alaskan cruises.


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